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Armstrong Artisan Pork-Pasture Raised
Free Range, Fresh Eggs
Pasture Raised Lamb and Beef
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Pasture Raised Lamb
The lambs raised out on pasture produce a much leaner lamb. This tender lamb is raised in a stress free environment here on our farm. We are with the animals from start to finish. 
Pasture Raised Beef
Pasture raised beef is another specialty here at Armstrong Farms. Being pasture raised gives the consumer a lean cut of natural fresh beef and more value for the money! This way you are not paying extra for a fatty portion of beef that will not be eaten.
Pasture Raised Pork
Our pork is pasture raised on our farm in Walnut Cove, NC. We strive to have a natural environment to grow our pigs in. This makes the pork much leaner than housed grain fed pork. They are free to roam and eat as they please.
Free Range Fresh Eggs
Our chickens are free range and never caged. Thus, their eggs are all natural the way that nature intended! It take more effort to raise chickens this way, but we want them to be as happy as you do! Happy chickens lay happy eggs!  Eggs are $3.50/dozen when bought off the farm.
Video Introduction
Video Introduction
"I am 'Eggstatic' I loved the eggs! I am clucking about them!"
-Mike, Businessman, Greensboro, NC
If you would like to see our products served at another location, please have the owner/manager contact us.

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